Receiving Electrical Discharges from within a Faraday Cage in 360º

Hi there,

this one is from 2013, more precisely from July when I’ve been to FISL, the International Free Software Forum in Brazil. One of the things that most called the visitors attention was this giant Tesla Coil. The most interesting things about it were that we could receive the electrical discharges from within a Faraday Cage and the discharges produced melodies, like Sweet Child o’ Mine, from Guns n Roses, the National Anthem and others. The forum happens yearly and is already going to its 15th edition now in 2014. It is always at a university in Porto Alegre, south of Brazil.

At the panorama below you will be able to watch the video in part of it, but only in FLASH devices. Unfortunately I was not able until now to enable it for HTML5 devices like Apple ones (iPod, iPad, iPhone, …).

I had published an external panorama of the same place before and also a small online video of it playing our national anthem.

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Bobina Testa - dentro da gaiola em 360º
Testa coil from inside the cage in 360º
Vídeo na Internet
Online video

Technical Datasheet:

The challenge here has been to put the partial video stitched with the panorama. Until now I was not able to do that with Apple devices, but I think it is possible. The problem is that sometimes you spend so much time on something that you better realize that the optimal might be enemy of the good, so, after many months I realized that maybe I could never publish this panorama if I waited to achieve that.

See you, Cartola.

360° Immersive Birthday Meeting

Hi folks,

this one comes with a big delay. The birthday meeting has been in August 2011. Guess who is celebrating? The hostess Valéria has achieved Bruno’s record and has shown herself 8 times in the picture.

360° Panoramic Birthday

Technical data sheet:

People got too close to each other at this picture. It has made the stitching a little difficult. Most of the joining job has been made in GIMP. In a group like that, where there is people in almost all the horizontal field of view, it is maybe necessary to do a more intensive direction job to guide people’s position and avoid hours and hours of post edition.

See you, Cartola.

Workshop at IV GnuGraf

Hi there,

after a month without publishing due to vacation, end of the year and so on, I come back here. The first 2012 panorama is from 2011, as it could be expected. This was made during the workshop on Immersive Panoramas with Opensource Software at the IV GnuGraf, in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. It was on September 11th at UNIRIO, a University in town. The guy standing up and giving instructions is me with a FreeBSD T-shirt from its 10th anniversary in 2003 (ok, it’s an old T-shirt).

It was a Sunday morning, 9AM and it was raining. This made me believe that the 7 students that have shown up were an excellent number of spectators to the meeting. The picture was used to teach how to make a 360×180 degrees panorama. I thought about doing an outdoor image, but the rain made me give up.

There is no special or ordinary beauty in the picture, but it is reasonably well done and is a good souvenir to remember the moment. It was my first class on this subject.

GnuGraf 2011
GnuGraf 2011

Technical datasheet:

See you, Cartola.

Meeting Some Friends at Cobal do Leblon, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

This picture is just to remember this moment with some good friends. Those, including me, are people from CAP-UERJ, which was our school from 1983 to 1989 and for some since 1979. In fact this is just a small group from there. We have a mailing list with about 120 people.

This time I asked people to look at the camera, so I wouldn’t hear those female complaining about taking them in a not adequated position.

Encontro com pessoal do CAP na Cobal
Meeting People from CAP at Cobal in Leblon, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Technical datasheet:

The photo itself is not very good. Maybe I should have increased the ISO and used a noise reduction filter then. Surely if I have used RAW it would have helped too. The stitching didn’t worked very well and I had to make some post editing to join some lines, mainly on the nadir view, not only to remove the tripod.

See you, Cartola.

Latinoware 2011 in 360 degrees

Hi fellows,

these are two panoramic pictures I made in Latinoware 2011. The first one was made on october 20th, 2011 at the Zabbix speech. The second one was on the 21st during the panoramic photography workshop I did. I liked very much the workshop and I hope the students also liked. Hope we can have some more 360 photographers after that and maybe some more people to colaborate with the free software. The Zabbix speech was made by Alexei Vladisevs, its creator. For those who doesn’t know, Zabbix is a free software used to monitor computers and networks. Take a look at its site:

Latinoware 2011 - Palestra Zabbix
Latinoware 2011 - Zabbix Speech

Latinoware 2011 - Aula Foto Panorâmica
Latinoware 2011 - Workshop on Panoramic Photography

Some pictures of the workshop

Foto do curso Foto do curso

Click on the images to see others and also on bigger format. Pictures by Jean from Saga Fotografia.

Technical Datasheet:

First 360 degrees panorama – Zabbix Speech

Second 360 degrees panorama – Panoramic Photography Workshop

On this second image I didn’t make a nadir picture without the tripod. As the nadir had only grass it was easy to take the tripod off with the clone tool using GIMP.

See you, Cartola.

Pablo Lapidusas at National Museum of Fine Arts, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Hi people,

this is one more 360 picture in a Music at the Museum project. This one was taken last June during a presentation of Pablo Lapidusas, a Brazilian pianist. On this one we can see a beautiful room of the National Museum of Fine Arts, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Please, never mind about the sound quality, cause I recorded it on my cell phone.

Pablo Lapidusas ao Piano no MNBA
Pablo Lapidusas at the Piano in Rio

Technical data sheet:

I liked the final image quality. There are some ghosts due to the combination of 3 expositions with enfuse. Whoever moved turned into a ghost 🙂

See you, Cartola.

Show at Light Cultural Center

During one more daily edition of the Música no Museu (Music at the Museum) project I’ve had the pleasure to see the Yellow Cake band show. The group plays vocal and is formed by four Eletronuclear employees: Carlos Marcondes, Geraldo Pauluzzi, José Ricardo e Luciano Salvador. They have played with the musicians: Alexandre Caldi (­Sax and Flute), Carlos César Motta ­ (Drums), Daniel Drummond (­Bass), Nando Duarte (Electric Guitar) e Raphael Montechiari (Keyboards).

Yellow Cake no CC da Light
Yellow Cake Show at Light

I went there specially to see my childhood friend Alexandre Caldi. Unfortunately the picture hardly shows him, but he is there, I swear. At the end the one that is better shown in the photo is myself 🙂 As the photographer usually doesn’t show in the picture I guess I can do that sometimes 🙂

Technical data sheet:

I liked the flare effects on the final pano.

See you, Cartola.

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