Show at Light Cultural Center

During one more daily edition of the Música no Museu (Music at the Museum) project I’ve had the pleasure to see the Yellow Cake band show. The group plays vocal and is formed by four Eletronuclear employees: Carlos Marcondes, Geraldo Pauluzzi, José Ricardo e Luciano Salvador. They have played with the musicians: Alexandre Caldi (­Sax and Flute), Carlos César Motta ­ (Drums), Daniel Drummond (­Bass), Nando Duarte (Electric Guitar) e Raphael Montechiari (Keyboards).

Yellow Cake no CC da Light
Yellow Cake Show at Light

I went there specially to see my childhood friend Alexandre Caldi. Unfortunately the picture hardly shows him, but he is there, I swear. At the end the one that is better shown in the photo is myself 🙂 As the photographer usually doesn’t show in the picture I guess I can do that sometimes 🙂

Technical data sheet:

I liked the flare effects on the final pano.

See you, Cartola.

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