FISL 12 – International Free Software Conference – Porto Alegre, Brazil – 2011 – Pan#3

FISL 12 – Central Events Square

This is one more pano from FISL 12 in 2011. This time I show you a picture from the central square where were the expositors at the conference. I have shoot 5 panoramas at FISL 12, so there are 2 more for me to mount. In this one I had my friend Mônica helping me as a model to make the picture nicer 🙂 Thanks Mônica! Although it is not an outdoor picture I liked very much the initial little planet format in the starting animation. You can click with the right mouse button to see the picture in other formats, including little planet.

[pano file=”20110729-FISL-Pavilhao/normal01.xml” preview=”” w=”500″ h=”250″]
Central Events Square – FISL 12

See also the other panoramic images I did at FISL 12:

And as usual, for more information about FISL follows their official site link.


The main actress, Monica, is looking forward and making a V signal with her hand. Curiously each of these parts were originally in a separate picture. In fact, believe in it or not, it was not intentional.

Monica Composition
Monica1 + Monica2 = Monica3

Technical data sheet:

This time as I shoot over the red carpet it was not necessary to use an extra nadir picture to remove the tripod image. I really think I need to improve my image quality next time. Maybe I’m gonna stop using so closed apertures like f22.

This time I also used ImageMagick more than I’m used to. I used the “convert” command line utility to change original images color, contrast and brightness.

See you, Cartola.


Friends Meeting To Play Some Music

Its always a pleasure when you are with your friends. Don’t need a special occasion, any excuse can be used to meet and celebrate playing some music, eating and spending some time to talk about anything. After that picture other two keyboard players to complete the music. This picture was taken on May 28th, 2011.

See the panorama!

Meeting at Mauros' house

Technical data sheet:

See you, Cartola.

FISL 12 – International Free Software Conference – Porto Alegre, Brazil – 2011 – Pan#2

Little car that uses a printer motor

I found some people at that stand behind of me playing with some robots and curious mechanical toys, all made with junk parts. They have done that little car that uses a printer motor to run. It is controlled by a notebook placed on its front or by a wii remote.

Its also possible to see other stands like the one from Banco do Brasil and Linux Mall.

See the panorama clicking on the thumbnail!

Carrinho no FISL 2011
Car controlled with wii remote

Link to the conference site.

Technical data sheet (of the picture):

See you, Cartola.

FISL 12 – International Free Software Conference – Porto Alegre, Brazil – 2011

I am at FISL 12 and I will post some panoramas here as I do them. Probably I will shoot more panos than I will be able to put here, but anyway, maybe one day I will finish them 🙂

FISL site:

At room 40-T fisl0 – “10 Years of Wikipedia” – with Barry Newsted:

10 Years of Wikipedia
10 Years of Wikipedia

June Party at Santo Agostinho School

Its time for the parties of June. Surely I wouldn’t miss the chance to make a 360 panoramic at Santo Agostinho School. Very crowded and happy party. Probably many people will be able to recognize themselves in the picture.

See the panorama.

Festa Junina CSA
June's Party CSA

It’s always hard to edit the panorama when there are many people at the scene. I hope you notice more the magic of the image with so many people and a general view of the place. My eyes are already trained, so I can see at least 4 blend mistakes. For those who notice them it can also be a game to find the errors. I didn’t try hard to find them. If you find more than 4 tell me! 🙂

Technical data sheet:

I have started to rebuild my panoramic tripod head to give it more precision and reduce the parallax errors. To make this 360 it was necessary only 1 picture down (nadir) as this floor makes it easy to remove the tripod. I made only one exposition at each shoot, so Enfuse was not used. I did it on FreeBSD, so Panini was used instead of Deval VR.

See you, Cartola.

Mário Falcão at the “Real Gabinete Português de Leitura”

This is the second 360 picture I made on a show from the project Music at the Museum. At May the 12th the harper Mário Falcão, from Portugal, played at the “Real Gabinete Português de Leitura” (Portuguese Royal Cabinet of Reading), in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The place is quite beautiful. Astonishing. The institution was founded in 1837 and has been installed at the actual building in 1887. In 1860 had already more than 33.000 items in its acquis. The Royal Cabinet site has many more information about it and at this other one you will find something shorter. Don’t forget to turn the sound on before seeing the panorama.

Mario Falcão at the Portuguese Royal Reading Cabinet
Mário Falcão at the Portuguese Royal Reading Cabinet

This is the first time I have used two lenses to compose the panorama. Notice how the image is better over the musician. I hope you like and let your comments.

Technical data sheet:

See you, Cartola.

Music Evening at Clube Naval’s Headquarters

A pleasant evening in a wonderful historical place at the sound of great successes of Brazilian and international music. There is where I have made this panorama picture. A music meet organized by the charismatic Oliveira at Clube Naval’s headquarters, Downtown Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Imagine all those people switching on the microphone followed by two great musicians. I went there invited by my father (in fact I invited myself when he told me where he was going to). He is the pleasant guy with a red T-shirt at the picture (guess he has blinked his eyes, but trust me, he is pleasant). Besides being in the photo his is also the voice in the background music. Unfortunately I forgot to record the sound there, so I took this music from a CD he recorded to compose the picture ambience. The music is “Estrada do Sol”, a composition from Tom Jobim and Dolores Duran, sang here by Decio Carvalho. In addition I met also two very nice ladies, mother and aunt of my cousin’s husband. Nice surprise to know they are also singers at Rio’s night.

See the panorama here.

Seresta no Clube Naval
Music Evening at Clube Naval - thumbnail equirretangular

The room has a classic style with interesting details all around. All the building is very beautiful. I got really interested in making other pictures there, but didn’t have the time. Maybe I’ll come back another day. It has been finished in  1910 and together with Theatro Municipal, the old Supremo Tribunal Federal, Museu Nacional de Belas Artes and Biblioteca Nacional (where I also made a panorama) makes the cultural heart of the city.

Can you find me at the picture?

Technical data sheet:

I’ve been thinking of making a 360º panorama using flashes or many of them. Someday I’m gonna test to see if it makes a less noise  image.

See you, Cartola.


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