Workshop at IV GnuGraf

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after a month without publishing due to vacation, end of the year and so on, I come back here. The first 2012 panorama is from 2011, as it could be expected. This was made during the workshop on Immersive Panoramas with Opensource Software at the IV GnuGraf, in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. It was on September 11th at UNIRIO, a University in town. The guy standing up and giving instructions is me with a FreeBSD T-shirt from its 10th anniversary in 2003 (ok, it’s an old T-shirt).

It was a Sunday morning, 9AM and it was raining. This made me believe that the 7 students that have shown up were an excellent number of spectators to the meeting. The picture was used to teach how to make a 360×180 degrees panorama. I thought about doing an outdoor image, but the rain made me give up.

There is no special or ordinary beauty in the picture, but it is reasonably well done and is a good souvenir to remember the moment. It was my first class on this subject.

GnuGraf 2011
GnuGraf 2011

Technical datasheet:

See you, Cartola.

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