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Like at FacebookMaking 360º panoramic photographs can be a little complex. You can hire someone to do it for you (me for example :)) or you can learn how to do it yourself. When learning you will see that it is possible to spend some hours until you reach a desirable result. An initial stitching can be fast if you shoot well. I am able to make one during a one hour speech, besides explaining the subject and highlighting the main tips and tricks of the workflow, but you might expect to spend around 3 hours to make all the final adjustments and publish the job. And this is the time it will take when you have a very good experience with it.

I always try to share what I know and my way of doing those pictures, but my main efforts are to produce Portuguese documentation, as there is already very much material in English, but sometimes I take the time to translate my things. Here I list English references, mine and many others that helped me to learn.

Things I have made

Sorry, there are few in English. I usually do more importance to produce things in Portuguese, as there are already plenty more in English.


Tools sites (some with lots of documentation)

Commercial tools that I would recommend

  • Affinity Photo – an image editor capable of editing 360° images in equirrectangular format
  • PTGui – stitching tool, can also publish a single panoramic image (not a tour)
  • Autopano – stitching tool
  • Panotour – publishing tool for single panoramas or virtual tours. It is the GUI for krpano
  • Pano2VR – publishing tool for single panoramas or virtual tours
  • krpano – publishing tool for single panoramas or virtual tours – This is the one I use, as I don’t care for a GUI. It has been discontinued in 2019.

Gadgets and related things

Forums to exchange knowledge and learn a lot

They are a very good place to get in touch with specialists and exchange ideas, post your jobs and learn a lot.

  • Pano Fórum – first forum in Poutuguese dedicated to to panoramic photography
  • Panophoto – French forum that inspired me to create the Pano Fórum
  • Panoguide – Forum kept by the Tour Wrist team
  • Kolor Forum – Forum kept by the manufacturer of the Autopano/Panotour software
  • IVRRPA – International VR association that also keeps a forum

Galleries that inspire us

  • – non-profit groups of Russian photographers that want to make aerial 360 panoramas from the most interesting places in the world
  • Ayrton 360 – 360 pictures Brazilian photographer
  • XYZ 360 – Brazilian panoramic and 3D pictures agency

Galleries where you can publish your pics

  • 360 Cities – International 360º pictures community with images from all the world
  • View AT – web platform in spirit collaborative that allows the generation and dissemination of panoramic photographs
  • TourWrist – Gallery of pics published by community, mainly focused on its iOS app and pro kits to make panos, but also accepts any image.

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