Who am I

I am a System Analyst graduated in Electronic Engineering in 1995. Photography is a passion since 1985. Maybe it is not my main job because I already have a very good one, but I love to work with it. I have already built enlargers, cameras, tripods and other gadgets. Nowadays I am in love with 360º panoramas. It is something to what I dedicate a significant amount of time, as you might have already noticed.

I created this blog in 2011 to share my panoramas and knowledge about it.

In 2012 I have created the Panoforum, the first open forum in Portuguese dedicated to panoramic photography, which I keep until today.

I live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, which is why most of my panoramas are from this city.

If you want to receive news about new panoramas and posts follow my fanpage!

Sorry for any English mistake 🙂

See you around, Cartola.

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      As long as I can see it works only with some players – I am using Salado Player nowadays. Anyway, I’ll take a better look and maybe test other players. Right now I’m gonna sleep 🙂


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