Latinoware 2011 in 360 degrees

Hi fellows,

these are two panoramic pictures I made in Latinoware 2011. The first one was made on october 20th, 2011 at the Zabbix speech. The second one was on the 21st during the panoramic photography workshop I did. I liked very much the workshop and I hope the students also liked. Hope we can have some more 360 photographers after that and maybe some more people to colaborate with the free software. The Zabbix speech was made by Alexei Vladisevs, its creator. For those who doesn’t know, Zabbix is a free software used to monitor computers and networks. Take a look at its site:

Latinoware 2011 - Palestra Zabbix
Latinoware 2011 - Zabbix Speech

Latinoware 2011 - Aula Foto Panorâmica
Latinoware 2011 - Workshop on Panoramic Photography

Some pictures of the workshop

Foto do curso Foto do curso

Click on the images to see others and also on bigger format. Pictures by Jean from Saga Fotografia.

Technical Datasheet:

First 360 degrees panorama – Zabbix Speech

Second 360 degrees panorama – Panoramic Photography Workshop

On this second image I didn’t make a nadir picture without the tripod. As the nadir had only grass it was easy to take the tripod off with the clone tool using GIMP.

See you, Cartola.

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