Family meeting at home

This meeting was on last July 3rd to celebrate Bruno’s birthday. He is my older kid. We joined the family and some closer friends and I did one more 360 panoramic picture to register the moment. This kind of picture is really very nice to feel the ambiance of the place. It is almost like if you were there, possibly that is why they call it “Immersive Picture” 🙂

During the Meeting

Technical Datasheet:

This panorama let me satisfied with two aspects. First I got specially amazed with the very good fit of the lines on the floor at the bottom view (nadir). One can view some color difference, but the lines are pretty continuous and straight. The other thing I liked was the result of the noise reduction. I have used a specific tool for that called Neat Image. The indoor scenes with people moving at night without flash are usually difficult to do. Probably I would have been able to improve image quality if I had already used RAW at that time.

See you, Cartola.

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