Republic Museum Gardens at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

In this immersive panorama we can see a group of friends from Trilharte in a photographic meeting at “Museu da República” (Republic Museum) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The museum is installed in the old Palácio Nova Friburgo (New Friburg Palace), also known as Palácio das Águias (Eagles Palace). Nowadays it is called Palácio do Catete. Built between 1858 and 1867 it has been the headquarters of Brazilian Republican government during 64 years. 18 presidents have used its installations. Juscelino Kubitschek has finished the presidential age of the place, with the transfer of the federal government to Brasília in 1960. The presidential room has been where the president Getúlio Vargas has committed suicide in August, 1954. More information in Portuguese at the Museum’s site.

Republic Museum's Gardens

Technical datasheet:

I still need to increase the pole stability somehow. It has been used at half high in this picture. One of the problems of the way I am using to stabilize it now is that it takes me too much time. I am using strings from the top until each tripod leg extreme. I need to put strength to each rope little by little in order not to bend the pole. I am thinking of some kind of gear to pull the three strings together.

See you, Cartola.

Latinoware 2011 in 360 degrees

Hi fellows,

these are two panoramic pictures I made in Latinoware 2011. The first one was made on october 20th, 2011 at the Zabbix speech. The second one was on the 21st during the panoramic photography workshop I did. I liked very much the workshop and I hope the students also liked. Hope we can have some more 360 photographers after that and maybe some more people to colaborate with the free software. The Zabbix speech was made by Alexei Vladisevs, its creator. For those who doesn’t know, Zabbix is a free software used to monitor computers and networks. Take a look at its site:

Latinoware 2011 - Palestra Zabbix
Latinoware 2011 - Zabbix Speech

Latinoware 2011 - Aula Foto Panorâmica
Latinoware 2011 - Workshop on Panoramic Photography

Some pictures of the workshop

Foto do curso Foto do curso

Click on the images to see others and also on bigger format. Pictures by Jean from Saga Fotografia.

Technical Datasheet:

First 360 degrees panorama – Zabbix Speech

Second 360 degrees panorama – Panoramic Photography Workshop

On this second image I didn’t make a nadir picture without the tripod. As the nadir had only grass it was easy to take the tripod off with the clone tool using GIMP.

See you, Cartola.

Wonderful Plateaus in Torre da Lua, Carolina, Maranhão, Brazil

Carolina in Maranhão, Brazil, is full of natural beauties. This is the third picture I have made there and at this time you can see the wonderful view of the plateaus seen from Torre da Lua, the name of the plateau we were in. We went there following the local guide from the tourism company Torre da Lua Ecoturismo. Who likes adventure will surely love that.

Some aspects that I recommend you don’t miss on the picture:

  • The effect on the sun. Try looking at it.
  • The Little Planet view. Turn the picture into Little Planet and interact with it. Click on the globe button to toggle to Little Planet view.
Torre da Lua
View from Torre da Lua

Other panoramas from Carolina

Carolina - View From Church
View from church
Boys at the Farm
Boys at the farm
Itapecuru Falls
Itapecuru Falls

Technical Datasheet:

The picture achieved a good dynamic range. We can see reasonably well people on the shadows. The sky might not be so good for everybody, but I have already spent some time on it. Sometimes it is harder to work on a clear sky than on a cloudy one. This is the first 360 panoramic image that I publish made with my newer Sigma 10-20mm lens. Good result.

See you, Cartola.

Pool at Citibankense Vacation Inn

Nearby Miguel Pereira is located the Colônia de Férias Citibankense. Much time ago it has been a country side club for Citibank employees, which gave the name of the place, that can be translated to “Citibank’s Vacation Camp”. Nowadays it’s a Hotel. I guess only associated people can be hosted there. This picture shows only a small view of the place. The mountain weather gets the cold fans there. With very simple installations it’s a nice place where I’ve been with my family and a big group of friends during a weekend. We’ve had a good time. On Sunday, early in the morning, while everybody was sleeping, I took the photos to make this panorama.

Piscina Colônia de Férias Citibankense
Equirectancular view of the pool

This is the first really complete 360×180º picture I’ve made. The last one has missed a piece of the sky.

I have published the picture using a Java plugin, not allowing full screen view, not being so immersive. At that time I also did’t know the cubic format, to easier edit the bottom view (nadir). One can easily see imperfections there.

Technical Datasheet:

See you, Cartola.

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