June Party at Santo Agostinho School

Its time for the parties of June. Surely I wouldn’t miss the chance to make a 360 panoramic at Santo Agostinho School. Very crowded and happy party. Probably many people will be able to recognize themselves in the picture.

See the panorama.

Festa Junina CSA
June's Party CSA

It’s always hard to edit the panorama when there are many people at the scene. I hope you notice more the magic of the image with so many people and a general view of the place. My eyes are already trained, so I can see at least 4 blend mistakes. For those who notice them it can also be a game to find the errors. I didn’t try hard to find them. If you find more than 4 tell me! 🙂

Technical data sheet:

I have started to rebuild my panoramic tripod head to give it more precision and reduce the parallax errors. To make this 360 it was necessary only 1 picture down (nadir) as this floor makes it easy to remove the tripod. I made only one exposition at each shoot, so Enfuse was not used. I did it on FreeBSD, so Panini was used instead of Deval VR.

See you, Cartola.

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