Dawn at Arpoador Beach in 360°, Where First a Woman Had Worn a Biquini in Brazil


Arpoador beach has been where a person have first worn a biquini in Brazil. This has been in 1948 and the author has been a German woman that lived here. Arpoador is at the left of the immersive picture, looking to the continent. The picture has been made on a big rock that kind of makes the “corner” of Arpoador and Diabo beaches (this last at right). Arpoador beach is only the first 500 meters (0.3 miles) of that beach. Ipanema and Leblon are other names that follows this one beach that the men splited in three.

The most traditional golden hour there is the sunset, when the place gets completely crowded. This one has been made early in the morning.

Arpoador translates to harpooneer and this name has been given because there, from the rock, it was possible to harpoon wales in a remote past.

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Alvorecer no Arpoador em 360°
Alvorecer no Arpoador em 360°

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