View of Ipanema and Leblon, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

This picture has been taken as a first test for the pole I have bought to make panoramas in situations like that, where there are some objects in front of the main scene you want to shoot. As its not possible to step asite, as I shoot all sides, its necessary to go up! I has also been the first time I have used RAW. It was a beautiful sunny day showing the urban scene with mountains in the background. A typical Rio de Janeiro scenario.

With the pole
With the pole Oct/2011

Without the pole
Without the pole Apr/2011

The difference between the two points of view are notable. Below is a picture of the pole in action in October 2011. This was taken with my cell phone.

Pole in action
Pole in action

Technical Datasheet:

First panorama (Oct/2011)

Second panorama (Apr/2011)

See you, Cartola.

2 thoughts on “View of Ipanema and Leblon, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  1. Hi,

    Sorry for silly question but could you tell me how you rotate your camera with this and how you shoot nadir and zenith? Thnx. P.

    • Hi, no problem, it will be a pleasure to answer you.

      To rotate the camera I just rotate the pole and the whole thing rotates. The strings that are tying the pole just get a little more stretched. This specific pole came with a pole rotator which is attached in the base of the pole and marks the stops. You can see more details of the pole and this rotator is some pictures here. It is in Portugues because this forum is in Portuguese. There I show how I also use an aluminium bar to stabilize the pole instead of using the tripod. To make this other picture I have used another pole. In fact that was a non retractile metal bar I have borrowed in a construction store. At that time I didn’t have the fanotec pole nor the rotator, but the rotation of the camera was made the same way, only without anything to mark the steps.

      To shoot I use a remote control that works with radio frequencies and not infra-red.

      To shoot zenith I rotate the camera vertically. As I have made my own tripod head in aluminium and it gets fixed only with the pressure of a screw, I usually tie another rope to a hole I have made in the head. Then, after shooting the horizontal pictures, I just pull this rope and the camera turns up – not completely up, but enought to shoot zenith. This rope can be seen in the making off pictures of this photo made in Cinelândia and also in this other one (sorry, it is only in Portuguese).

      Well, in fact in this picture you have made your question I didn’t use that rope to shoot zenith. That was my first picture using this pole. At that time, as the zenith has only sky, I just shot it with the camera in my hands and joined this picture with the others. I don’t really remember, but it is possible that I have used the Move/Drag tab in the fast preview window in Hugin to position the zenith picture manually.

      To shoot nadir I take advantage of the fact that it is plane. I shoot completely out of the NPP and distort the picture to make its perspective adequated to join it in the final panorama. I have explained it in Portuguese there at that mentioned forum. Here is the link to the original page in Portuguese – maybe you can find a website translator – I guess google chrome can do this also. I use the same principles mentioned in this hugin tutorial.

      Well, hope this have clarified your doubts.

      See you, Cartola.

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