Bruno at Village Rio Verde’s Pool

It was the second time I went to Village Rio Verde. Its a simple and pleasant resort in Papucaia, at the country side of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I went again with my family and a big group of friends. It has been that typical weekend when you don’t see the time passing. I’d give it a 10. I hadn’t build my panoramic tripod head yet and probably I would be afraid of putting the tripod inside the pool. Then I decided to rotate instinctively to take a manual sequence of pictures. To make a more intimate scene I called my son. He immediately came to help me doing his posing job. As I really need to do many pictures to mount the panorama, why don’t let that motivated newbie model make his elaborated poses?

Little Planet do Bruno na Piscina
Bruno at the Pool - Little Planet Thumbnail

See the panorama.

This outdoor picture also let me do it in the Little Plannet format you can see beside. The name is due to the “Little Prince” book where there were some drawing with the boy over a little planet.

As I didn’t usea tripod, monopod or anything to help me making a good turn around the wright point I’ve had a great post-edition job on this image. The result made it worth. Anyone who visits me will probably see in a few time a wall poster with this “Little Plannet” at the boy’s room. I will have to make another so that “Lipe” doesn’t get jealous.

Technical data sheet:

See you, Cartola.

National Library Entrance Hall

The National Library is at Rio Branco avenue, one of the main streets at Rio de Janeiro Downtown. It stands near other historical buildings like the Theatro Municipal (Municipal Theater) and the Museu Nacional de Belas Artes (Fine Arts Museum). Considered by UNESCO one of the 10 bigger national libraries in the world, it is also the biggest in Latin America. Its collection is estimated in about 9 million items (uau!). The building was inaugurated in 1910 after 5 years of being built. You can see the library site for more information (in portuguese only).

Trecho do panorama
View from the library pano

See the panorama.

It has been interesting doing this panorama. I went out without destiny at my lunch time with all the equipment in my backpack. Before arriving to the library I have been to the Municipal Theater, which was closed, and to the Fine Arts Museum, where I have not been allowed to take a picture with a tripod. Its entrance hall could be photographed but the light there was no good at that time. Guess I was lucky. At the library I had permition to use the tripod. The final result was this wonderful image. IMHO the best I have made until now and strangely one that was easier to stitch and that needed less post edition.

The shooting took about 15 minutes. By the middle of it two tourists asked me to free their way to take a picture. I tried to explain that if I stopped I would have to begin all over again. I hope they understood me :).

I went in touch with the library managers asking to take 360 pictures inside the library, where taking pictures is now allowed. I am waiting their next contact to schedule that. If it happens surely I will post here the images, probably in a virtual tour format.

Technical data sheet:

See you, Cartola.

Pool at Citibankense Vacation Inn

Nearby Miguel Pereira is located the Colônia de Férias Citibankense. Much time ago it has been a country side club for Citibank employees, which gave the name of the place, that can be translated to “Citibank’s Vacation Camp”. Nowadays it’s a Hotel. I guess only associated people can be hosted there. This picture shows only a small view of the place. The mountain weather gets the cold fans there. With very simple installations it’s a nice place where I’ve been with my family and a big group of friends during a weekend. We’ve had a good time. On Sunday, early in the morning, while everybody was sleeping, I took the photos to make this panorama.

Piscina Colônia de Férias Citibankense
Equirectancular view of the pool

This is the first really complete 360×180º picture I’ve made. The last one has missed a piece of the sky.

I have published the picture using a Java plugin, not allowing full screen view, not being so immersive. At that time I also did’t know the cubic format, to easier edit the bottom view (nadir). One can easily see imperfections there.

Technical Datasheet:

See you, Cartola.

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