Wonderful Plateaus in Torre da Lua, Carolina, Maranhão, Brazil

Carolina in Maranhão, Brazil, is full of natural beauties. This is the third picture I have made there and at this time you can see the wonderful view of the plateaus seen from Torre da Lua, the name of the plateau we were in. We went there following the local guide from the tourism company Torre da Lua Ecoturismo. Who likes adventure will surely love that.

Some aspects that I recommend you don’t miss on the picture:

  • The effect on the sun. Try looking at it.
  • The Little Planet view. Turn the picture into Little Planet and interact with it. Click on the globe button to toggle to Little Planet view.
Torre da Lua
View from Torre da Lua

Other panoramas from Carolina

Carolina - View From Church
View from church
Boys at the Farm
Boys at the farm
Itapecuru Falls
Itapecuru Falls

Technical Datasheet:

The picture achieved a good dynamic range. We can see reasonably well people on the shadows. The sky might not be so good for everybody, but I have already spent some time on it. Sometimes it is harder to work on a clear sky than on a cloudy one. This is the first 360 panoramic image that I publish made with my newer Sigma 10-20mm lens. Good result.

See you, Cartola.

Pablo Lapidusas at National Museum of Fine Arts, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Hi people,

this is one more 360 picture in a Music at the Museum project. This one was taken last June during a presentation of Pablo Lapidusas, a Brazilian pianist. On this one we can see a beautiful room of the National Museum of Fine Arts, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Please, never mind about the sound quality, cause I recorded it on my cell phone.

Pablo Lapidusas ao Piano no MNBA
Pablo Lapidusas at the Piano in Rio

Technical data sheet:

I liked the final image quality. There are some ghosts due to the combination of 3 expositions with enfuse. Whoever moved turned into a ghost 🙂

See you, Cartola.

Itaipu Binacional – 360° View of the Dam

One more 360° panoramic picture from last vacation in Foz do Iguaço, at the south of Brazil. There are two kind of tour you can take there. I did the longer one and this image was taken at the first stop we did. You can see the spillway at the left of the dam. It was closed at that time. To see how the dam is big try to give a zoom at the 6 floor building in front of it, more or less in the middle.

You can see more information at their official site and also some very nice photos.

Stay tuned here, because this is only the first of many 360° panoramas I did there.

At the higher step of the ladder it’s possible to see Arides, one of the nice guides on the tour.


Panorama imersivo 360x180 da vista da barragem de Itaipu
Immersive Panorama 360°x180° at Itaipu - Dam View

This picture gave us also a nice little planet version.

Itaipu - Vista da Barragem - Versao Little Planet
Itaipu - Dam View - Little Planet Version

Technical data sheet (of the picture):

See you, Cartola.

Kite and kitesurf at Leblon, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

In June it is beginning to get a little cold in Rio de Janeiro – at least cold for the people here. In spite of the shiny sun, the strong wind gave us a little cold sensation. When we saw all those kitesurfs we thought about going to the beach to see if our new eagle kite works. Felipe, the younger boy, didn’t like the cold wind and refused to appear in the picture. Bruno was there to hold the kite strongly and don’t let it go away.


Kite and kitesurfs in Leblon, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Once again the outdoor picture gave me a beautiful little planet image. Job done, picture taken and we left the beach. Hope you all enjoy as we did. This picture is now at the wall in the boys’ room.

Little Planet in Leblon from the panorama 360

Technical data sheet:

See you, Cartola.

View of Carolina, small city at Maranhão – Brazil

I’ve been in Carolina on my last vacation, in July 2011. It is a small and beautiful place on the countryside of Maranhão, Brazil. It is located on the right margin of Tocantins river. The city was founded in 1809 with the name of Arraial São Pedro de Alcântara. According to a 2009 census it has a few more than 25,000 inhabitants. The picture have been taken from a church tower using a 6 meters (19.7 feet) pole.

See the complete panorama here!

Carolina - Vista da Igreja
Carolina, countryside of Maranhão,view from church's tower

And don’t miss the beautiful Little Planet format!

Little planet Carolina

Technical data sheet:

See you, Cartola.

Rio de Janeiro’s São Sebastião’s Cathedral

This is the interior of one of the most important catholic churches in the City, The São Sebastião’s Cathedral of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It has a very big and beautiful interior view with a big concrete structure and stained glasses all around. Located very close to other historical monuments at downtown Rio de Janeiro. I have never been there before taking this pictures, even working very close to the place. When you get into the church a good peace sensation flows into you. I liked it.

See the panorama.

Rio de Janeiro's São Sebastião's Cathedral
Rio de Janeiro's São Sebastião's Cathedral

To compose the experience I have chosen a Bach music, Jesus bleibet meine Freude. I hope you like it.

Technical data sheet:

See you, Cartola.

Mário Falcão at the “Real Gabinete Português de Leitura”

This is the second 360 picture I made on a show from the project Music at the Museum. At May the 12th the harper Mário Falcão, from Portugal, played at the “Real Gabinete Português de Leitura” (Portuguese Royal Cabinet of Reading), in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The place is quite beautiful. Astonishing. The institution was founded in 1837 and has been installed at the actual building in 1887. In 1860 had already more than 33.000 items in its acquis. The Royal Cabinet site has many more information about it and at this other one you will find something shorter. Don’t forget to turn the sound on before seeing the panorama.

Mario Falcão at the Portuguese Royal Reading Cabinet
Mário Falcão at the Portuguese Royal Reading Cabinet

This is the first time I have used two lenses to compose the panorama. Notice how the image is better over the musician. I hope you like and let your comments.

Technical data sheet:

See you, Cartola.

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