FISL 12 – International Free Software Conference – Porto Alegre, Brazil – 2011 – Pan#3

FISL 12 – Central Events Square

This is one more pano from FISL 12 in 2011. This time I show you a picture from the central square where were the expositors at the conference. I have shoot 5 panoramas at FISL 12, so there are 2 more for me to mount. In this one I had my friend Mônica helping me as a model to make the picture nicer 🙂 Thanks Mônica! Although it is not an outdoor picture I liked very much the initial little planet format in the starting animation. You can click with the right mouse button to see the picture in other formats, including little planet.

[pano file=”20110729-FISL-Pavilhao/normal01.xml” preview=”” w=”500″ h=”250″]
Central Events Square – FISL 12

See also the other panoramic images I did at FISL 12:

And as usual, for more information about FISL follows their official site link.


The main actress, Monica, is looking forward and making a V signal with her hand. Curiously each of these parts were originally in a separate picture. In fact, believe in it or not, it was not intentional.

Monica Composition
Monica1 + Monica2 = Monica3

Technical data sheet:

This time as I shoot over the red carpet it was not necessary to use an extra nadir picture to remove the tripod image. I really think I need to improve my image quality next time. Maybe I’m gonna stop using so closed apertures like f22.

This time I also used ImageMagick more than I’m used to. I used the “convert” command line utility to change original images color, contrast and brightness.

See you, Cartola.


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